R&D Center
This is the NSV R&D center, which leads technical
development in the noise, vibration, and shock fields.
Ship Noise & Vibration Evaluation
Ship Noise & Vibration Evaluation
Ship Noise Impact Assessment

In order to maintain a quiet ship environment, we evaluate the possibility of excessive noise vibration by major excitation sources (propellers, main engines, etc.) through the analysis and measurement of the entire ship, to evaluate the level of noise vibration response, and to establish countermeasures.

Engineering purpose and expected effect
Prediction of noise/vibration analysis
Evaluation of resonance avoidance and response to noise/vibration through analysis
Prevention of problems that can occur after drying by grasping noise/vibration level
Economic feasibility
Reduction of double investment and additional construction costs thanks to optimum design of vibration isolation measures
Pre-evaluation of noise/vibration control measures according to measures plan
Prevention of noise/vibration problems
Proactive response to excessive noise/vibration that may be generated during the actual operation of ships
Establishment of measures for the successful transfer of ships and high-quality ship-building
Engineering procedure and reference data (performance/outcome)
Application case of vibration isolation measures 1
Project Overview

- As a countermeasure against vibration from the excitation force of the main engine and propeller, the MOMENT COMPENSATOR or ELECTRIC BALANCER is installed to evaluate the impact of vibration and to control the vibration.

Installation of balancer
Application case of vibration isolation measures 2
hydrodynamic TOP BRACING
Hydraulic Top Bracing
Project Overview

- It is often used as a countermeasure to prevent the transversal vibration of the engine body, and it is possible to turn on / off the hydraulic pressure so that the hull transmission rate of the engine guide force moment is changed to get out of the resonance zone.

Application of Hydrodynamic TOP BRACING
Application case of vibration isolation measures 3
Vibration Isolation Mount
Noise Shock and Vibration Control Mount
Project Overview

- Prevention of vibration generating devices from affecting the hull structure or other devices
- Performance preservation of machine, instrument, etc.
- Prevention of excessive noise (SBN) generated inside the cabin and working space

Application of Vibration Isolation Mount
Application case of vibration isolation measures 4
Vibration Isolation Measures
Noise Shock and Vibration Control
Project Overview

- Optimally designing equipment-supporting structures through local vibration analysis
- Interprete the natural frequency so as not to resonate with the excitation force of the main engine or propeller and reflect it in design

Construction of Vibration Isolation Measures
Application case of vibration isolation measures 5
Evaluation Case
Evaluation Case
Project Overview

- Satisfies the ship's compartment noise standards to protect the crew's hearing, improve working conditions, and facilitate communication between crew members

Construction of Anti-Noise Measures
Global Vibration Analysis (hull girder mode analysis)
Forced Vibration Analysis (Vibration Response Evaluation)
Local vibration analysis and evaluation
Noise Analysis Using Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA)
Noise Analysis Using Power Flow Analysis (PFA)
Evaluation of Ship Noise Analysis