Business Performance
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Sales and Other Facilities
Yeonsu-gu Square One
[Contractor] Eugene Corporation
Hyundai Department Store
[Contractor] Halla E&C
Suwon Subway Adjacent Area Extende
[Contractor] MKG
Guro G-balley Plaza
[Contractor] Kolon Global
Lotte World Tower
[Contractor] Lotte E&C
Complex Cultural Center
[Contractor] Kyeryong Construction
Yonhee Art Theater, National Gugak Center
[Contractor] Keusung Construction
Namyang Dairy Product Naju Factory
[Contractor] Taeheung Development
Dongdaemun Mac Style
[Contractor] Daewoo E&C
Dongdaemun Fashion TV
[Contractor] Shinsegae E&C
Sindorim D-Cube City
[Contractor] Daesung Industrial
Sinchon Subway Adjacent Area
[Contractor] Daewoo E&C
Hanoi Center, Lotte
[Contractor] Lotte E&C
The Pharaoh's Anger, Lotte World
[Contractor] Lotte E&C
Mario Outlet 1st Bldg Extend
[Contractor] Lotte E&C
Bucheon Terminal Sopoooong
[Contractor] Kolon E&C
Dream Forest
[Contractor] Hwasung Industrial
Susung Culture & Arts Center
[Contractor] Daelim Industrial
Yeongdeungpo Time Square
[Contractor] GS E&C
Chang-dong Subway Adjacent Area
[Contractor] Hyosung Construction PU
Cheonan Galleria Department Store
[Contractor] Hanwha E&C
Cheongju Hynix
[Contractor] Hyundai E&C
Hyundai Department Store, Daegu
[Contractor] Halla E&C
Hyundai Department Store, Trade Center
[Contractor] Hyundai Development Company
Hyundai Department Store, Ilsan KINTEX
[Contractor] SK E&C
Hyundai Department Store, Cheongju
[Contractor] Hyundai Amco
Hyundai Homeshopping
[Contractor] Hyundai Development Company