Challenge everyone!
Being an expert is never difficult!
A word of advice to people who want to become noise/vibration experts
Lee Jang-hyeon, Head of R&D Center
Noise/Vibration? Among the many phenomena that always exist around us in our lives, noise and vibration is now one of the most important and unaviodable phenomena as our living standard improves. Noise/vibration is a very professional field, which is under research in various areas including machanics, construction, the environment, and electricity/electronics.
When we started majoring in engineering, we might have dreamed of becoming an expert after entering society. Then, we had to think about what an expert is: where they work, what they do, and how they accumulate experience.
Importantly, Whatever anyone can do it never need a professional.
In modern society, it would be much easier for you to grow into an expert when you make the best use of your own ability by starting your social career in the field where you can do better than others and others are not good at doing things. Rather than being confined to a given field at a large organization such as a public corporation or a large enterprise, I can say that increasing the value of yourself through various experiences in a specialized company that can help foster your competencies can help you to grow as a professional which is commonly referred to as a pro. We are now entering an era of a 100-year lifespan. How long do you want to be able to make use of your own capabilities in an era of a 100-year lifespan?
Nowadays we are faced with the reality of having to live a "long and full life" rather than a "short but full life" or a "long but empty life." If you want to grow into an expert, you need basic knowledge of and passion for the field you want to work in. NSV is the best company in the field of noise and vibration in Korea, which makes the foundation of company development by providing the people who have such passion to grow into a professional. Challenge everyone! It is not difficult to become an expert!
Engineering sales may be dominated by big players, but you can make the value of your pride shine brighter.
Lee Jae-joon, Team Leader of the Overseas Sales Department
NSV anti-noise and vibration isolation products are used to solve noise and vibration problems at construction sites. This is what I say when I explain what I do. I heard that engineering sales are hard because of industry giants... People usually think so. Of course, the process of letting our clients and construction companies know about our products and supplying them on site is not easy. Nevertheless, the first reason I have been able to work here gladly for nearly 20 years is that I can sell our trust and pride in the excellence of our products. In addition, an internal reward system is established based on the performance, motivating us to work harder. The second reason is the unity and family-like atmosphere of all the executives and employees including CEO. All employees have the same goals, achieving results through cooperation and many conversations. Become a member of NSV. Engineering sales may be dominated by big players, but you can make the value of your pride shine brighter.
The company you entered seems to be really good.
Lee Seok-geun, Manager of Production Department
Joining the company, people are said to judge early on, for example, whether this organization is a good place to work or not. If they have a negative image at the point, the image will not change easily unless there is a special reason, and they easily give up on even minor conflicts arising in the organization.
However, it seems that I can work with great pride so far because, when I first joined the company, various measures have been provided within the organization so that I could formed a positive image and I could taken pride in the organization.
The most pleasant words I ever heard from my family or friends is "The company you are in seems to be really good." I f you want to be the envy of people around you and develop your own big career in the long run, challenge yourself. Then, your future will be wide open