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We will become a company that lasts not just 30, but more than 100 years.

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Since its foundation on March 1, 1986, NSV has been manufacturing noise-control, vibration-control, and shock-control products for more than 30 years, contributing greatly to developments in construction.
Recently, we have been making extreme efforts in technical research and development for seismic control, which has recently been drawing lots of attention.
As an industry leader in Korea, we provide the top services through our company philosophy of “Creating a Pleasant Environment” and the best technology.

We, NSV, will make our best efforts to achieve 100% perfection more pleasantly and stably up to the last remaining 1% with sweat and enthusiasm.
Relying on one another, and encouraging one another, we will continue to work hard to become a company that lasts for a century.
Thank you.

Founding Spirits
NSV Founding Spirit
We value human resources, take responsibility for customers and employees through continuousinnovation, and contribute to society by developing the company
Company Overview
Company Name NSV Co., Ltd.
Seoul Office 28 Hyoryeong-ro, 55-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul (Seocho-dong) Tel. +82-2-598-1988 Fax. +82-2-598-1989
Head Office and Factory 547 Aenggogae-ro, Namdong-gu, Incheon (Gojan-dong) Tel. +82-32-812-2015 Fax. +82-32-812-2014
R&D Center 547 Aenggogae-ro, Namdong-gu, Incheon (Gojan-dong) Tel. +82-32-816-7992 Fax. +82-32-816-7993
Establishment Date March 1, 1986
Business Domains Anti-noise and vibration equipment (noise/vibration fields), Seismic/vibration control research and design (structure/construction), Engineering (noise/vibration fields) Measurement agency business (noise/vibration fields), Construction (machine and equipment installation/metal structure and joiner’s work)
Major Certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001, KS certification, KC certification, OHSMS/OHSAS 18001, KFI certification, UL certification
Financial Status Capital (KRW 1.5 billion), Assets (KRW 31.8 billion), Sales (KRW 30 billion as of 2019), Net profit (KRW 2.1 billion)
Sales Status
Company Mottos
Management Policy
Business Handled and Products
  • Anti-Noise/Vibration/Shock Products
    • Silencer for Air-conditioners (Rectangular, Circular)
    • Sound Chamber, Sound Elbow
    • Enclosure
    • Reverberation Chamber, Anechoic Chamber, Echo Chamber
    • Anti-Vibration Spring Mount, Anti-Vibration Neoprene Mount
    • Anti-Vibration Pad, Neoprene Hanger
    • Spring Hanger, Inertia Base
    • Fixed Spring Hanger for Piping, Variable Spring Hanger for Piping
    • Pipe Support
    • Jack-up Mount, PO-MAT
    • Flexible Connector
    • Plywood Panel
    • Multi-Purpose Valve
    • Water Hammer Cushion (for sanitary, air-conditioning, and fire-extinguishing purposes)
    • Air Spring, Vibration Isolation System
    • Elastomeric Bearings
    • Earthquake Shock Absorber, Seismic Stopper
    • Sound Barrier
  • Firefighting Seismic Products
  • Subway Structure Vibration Control Measures
  • Anti-Noise/Vibration Measures in Plants
  • Other Anti-Noise/Vibration/Shock Products
Engineering Service
  • Measurement and analysis of noise/vibration/shock
  • Test and control measures for noise/vibration/shock
  • Sound/vibration analysis
  • Other engineering services for special noise/vibration/shock
  • Engineering services for ship noise/vibration
Organization Chart
Quality Management
Engineering Sales Department
Eng. Sales Team 1
Eng. Sales Team 2
Eng. Sales Team 3
Eng. Sales Team 4
Overseas Trade Team
Sales man. team
Engineering Team 1
Engineering Team 2
R&D Team 1
R&D Team 2
R&D Team 3
Production Administration
Production Team
Shock Group
Vibration Group
Administration Department
Administration Team
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