R&D Center
This is the NSV R&D center, which leads technical
development in the noise, vibration, and shock fields.
Environmental Noise Impact assessment
Environmental Noise Impact assessment
Environmental Noise Impact assessment
Environmental Noise Impact assessment

Predicting noise damage in residential areas and shopping areas near a construction site of plants through simulation and maintaining a silent noise environment by reflecting anti-noise measures in entire process, from design through verification, in order to take optimal measures.

Prediction of places where civil complaints may arise
Analysis of noise damage through accurate noise prediction
Evaluation of noise environment in a newly constructed site or a site to be scheduled for construction
Economic feasibility
Dramatic reduction of double investment and additional construction costs thanks to optimal anti-noise measures design
Pre-evaluation of noise variation by measures
Prevention of environmental problems
Maintaining a silent noise environment in residential areas
Prevention of civil complaints
Analysis modeling
Creation of Simulation and Level Contour
Examination of analysis results
Drawing optimal plan
Consultation with client (Economic feasibility, Facility operability)
Confirmation of measures
Evaluation Case 1
Project Overview

- Evaluation of noise influence of rooftop facilities of a high-rise building on inside and outer wall of the building (prediction of facilities influence)

Measurement of noise source and noise status
Analysis of noise influence of nearby buildings
Evaluation Case 2
Business sites
Project Overview

- There is a concern over noise influence from noise generating business sites on residential areas and new construction sites
- Examining noise influence and establishing and suggesting optimal anti-noise measures

Major facilities
Analysis of external noises
Prediction results
Site boundary
Site boundary
Anti-noise measures
> Enclosure & Acoustic Louver
> Duct Silencer
> Cooling Tower
> Stack silencer
> Lagging
> Sound Barrier