R&D Center
This is the NSV R&D center, which leads technical
development in the noise, vibration, and shock fields.
Introduction of the R&D Center
r&d center

This is the NSV R&D center, which leads technical development in the noise, vibration, and shock fields.

To contribute to the development of the noise, vibration, and shock fields, the NSV R&D center
has been making efforts to develop new products by executing research tasks under the supervision of the Ministry Of Construction & Transportation, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Small and Medium Business Administration, the Korea Land and Housing Corporation, and the Ministry of Knowledge Economy since its establishment in 1998. It is also contributing to the pursuit of a quieter living environment by providing comprehensive engineering services, from measurement to structure/vibration analysis, sound field analysis, and design of measures, with respect to environmental problems that are emerging as issues of the modern society.
In addition, recently, as concerns about earthquakes on the Korean peninsula have increased, we are providing related engineering services and solutions.
The NSV R&D center promise to expand the scope of activities in various fields such as environment, construction, machinery, and earthquake resistance and to provide high quality professional technology.

2010 ~ Now

2000 ~ 2009

1986 ~ 1999

[Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement] Middle and high-rise modular buildings and development of productivity improvement technology
[Ewha Womans University Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation] Development of technology for improving apartment housing performance for a better life quality and housing welfare


KFI seismic device certificate: Seismic Sway Brace System


[Korea Industrial Complex Corporation] Development project for hybrid dampers for controlling vibration displacement in piping systems
[Patent] Patent registered jack-up mount
[Patent] Patent registered reactive low static pressure silencer
[Small and Medium Business Administration] Project to support joint use of research equipment: Seismic stopper performance evaluation


Registered as a partner company in the defense venture industry


[Korea Industrial Complex Corporation] Development project of integrated viscous mount for micro vibration control of precision equipment


[Patent] Absorptive noise barrier
[Patent] Wire rope isolator
[Patent] Wire rope isolator and vibration isolation system using the same
[Patent] Air spring vibration isolator
[Patent] Negative stiffness vibration isolation system
[Patent] Hybrid damping device


[Patent] Tuned mass damper using metal plate spring and vibration isolation base using the same
[Small and Medium Business Administration] Project to support joint use of research equipment


[Patent] Air vent system for ducts
[Patent] Silencer for large engines
[Patent] High capacity water hammer arrestor and manufacturing method thereof


[Patent] High elastic, high damping foam pad for vibration isolation and fabrication method thereof
[Patent] Pipe anchor of bend joining structure
[Patent] Spring constant controllable vibration isolation hanger
[Patent] Absorptive and inflatable HVAC silencer for noise reduction by absorption and expansion of sound waves
[National project] Development of high elastic foam pad for building structures with hysteresis attenuation function and equipment vibration isolation (SME Technology Innovation Development Project)
[National project] Participated in noise vibration engineering estimations


[Patent] Ventilation silencer using resonance and expansion of sound waves
[Patent] Ventilation silencer using interference and expansion of sound waves
[National project] Oil Damper (Technical support project for parts and materials company)
[National project] Improvement of physical properties and durability of polyurethane mat for architectural structure vibration isolation (Technology spread project based on parts and materials reliability)


[Patent] Water hammer arrestor that indicates the piston position
[National project] Innobiz small group


[Patent] Noise free vibration isolation spring hanger
[Patent] Pipe supporting tool for riser pipe
[Patent] Multilayer spring rubber pad vibration isolation mount
[Patent] Conical vibration isolation mount with high efficiency and high damping coefficient
[Patent] High noise reduction, no mist silencer


[Patent] High stiffened, combined type spring hanger for vibration isolation
[Patent] Check value for anti-water hammering with linear control
[Patent] Bathroom silencer for multistory buildings
[National project] Development of reverse-flow inhibition and water impact linear control multi-arrestor for water supply pipe (SME Technology Innovation Project), registered as a measuring agency


[Patent] Water hammer arrestor
[Patent] Road surface structure for blocking the vibration of vehicles in buildings facing the road


Acquire Engineering Design License


Designated as a promising advanced technology company


Established R&D Center


Established NSV Co., Ltd.

Organization chart
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Noise Engineering Service
Vibration Engineering Service
Products and New Technology Development
Sound Field Analysis
Vibration Analysis
Sales Technology Support
Sound-Proof Design
Vibration Isolation Design
Earthquake Proof Product Development
Sales Technology Support
Sales Technology Support
National project execution
National project execution
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