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HR System Welfare
personnel management system
Recruitment Process
Online application through
job site and recruiter emails
5-minute PPT presentation by each applicant
Individual notice only to candidates passing the document screening
Individual notice only to candidates passing the second interview screening
Entering a company
Promotion and Evaluation System
Promotion System
Granting opportunities for promotion to employees with excellent performance evaluation results or exceptional performances, regardless of salary class
Evaluation System
- HR evaluation is conducted twice a year based on (HR evaluation regulations)
- Evaluation is carried out in five stages according to the HR evaluation table
- Personality/attitude appraisal 40% + Work competence appraisal 60%
- Performance-based annual salary system
Four Major Public Insurance : National Pension, Employment Insurance, Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance, National Health Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance
Salary System : Annual Salary System (KRW 35,000,000 for any new employee with a four-year college degree who completed military service), Incentive System, Externally-accumulated Severance Pay
Allowance System : Position allowance, license allowance, overtime allowance, dispatche allowance
Award System : Long-term employee award (overseas travel fee), excellent employee award, job invention reward system, other incentive systems
Holiday/Anniversary : Founding Day Gifts, Holiday Gifts, Year-end Gifts, Birthday Gifts
Health Care : Health checku
Childbirth / Childcare : leave before / after childbirth, leave of childcare, birth celebration money
Office Environment : Rooftop sky park (barbecue patio), restroom, men’s / women’s sleeping rooms, shower room, fitness room, indoor driving range, large / small meeting room (PT available), facilities newly constructed in 2018
MealsMeals : In-house restaurant (employee restaurant), cafeteria, lunch fee
Accommodations : Dormitory apartments, company condominiums always available
Supply : work clothes, company badge, company diary, company calendar, seasonal coats
Grants / Loans : Self-funded scholarships, children's admission celebrations, support for various events, employee loan system, vehicle support (sales), employee association operation
Education/training : On-the-job training (OJT), job skill improvement training, external education cost support
Holiday/leaveg : Bereavement leave system, annual leave promotion system
Company events : Kick-off meeting for the year, closing ceremony event, anniversary of the founding, excellent employee award ceremony, workshop, domestic/overseas travel with family, opportunity to visit international fairs, social outreach activities