R&D Center
This is the NSV R&D center, which leads technical
development in the noise, vibration, and shock fields.
Defense Business Products Development
Defense Business Products Development
National Defense Area Technical Development

Development in the national defense field, fluid silencers, engine mounts for ships, and complements and improvements to products

Development of fluid silencer ANOS60
Fluid Silencer
Product Introduction

Absorptive Silencer for Reducing Noise Propagation in Seawater Pipes on Ships

Characteristics of ANOS60
Designed to enable efficient reduction in fluid with long wave lengths of sound
Secondary noise is not generated by making the silencer inner diameter the same as the pipe diameter.
Advantages of ANOS60
Excellent fluid noise reduction performance at 1kHz or higher
Compact design suitable for sizes of complicated naval vessels
Uses of ANOS60
Naval vessels and submarine equipment
Performance Test of ANOS60
ANOS60 Sound Transmission Loss [1L] Test Result
ANOS60 Internal Pressure Fatigue Test
Test Condition

- Fluid for pressure generation: Water
- Maximum Pressure: 4Mpa, Minimum Pressure: 0.4Mpa
- Frequency: 1Hz
- Cycles: 10,000 times
- Wave foam: sine wave

Test Photographs
Test Result
Engine Mount for Ship VM-4000
Engine Mount for Ship
Product Introduction

Vibration isolation device of engine and air conditioning equipment of naval vessels

Characteristics of VM-4000
Possibility of triaxial vibration control with dome structure
Low natural frequency thanks to possible large displacement (fn: 6Hz or less)
Manual vibration isolation for engine and precision equipment
Advantage of Engine Mount for Ship (VM-4000)
Triaxial vibration control made possible by adopting dome structure
Excellent effect of blocking low frequency of 10Hz or higher (fn: 6Hz or less)
Uses of Engine Mount for Ship (VM-4000)
Engine mount for ships and submarines
Precision equipment and measuring devices